Sunday, June 14, 2009

Meet Quinn and Hayden

Hey, guys. This is our first post and we are really excited to have our own blog! There was too many dolls on Abbey and Chloe's other blog AG Adventures, so they let us have our own. Now we will tell about ourselves and show you some pictures!

-I love fairytales and Classic Disney Movies. My favorite is The Little Mermaid!
-I am in a wheelchair.
-I wear glasses. They're blue!
-My best friend is Hayden
-My middle name is Kathryn
-I love books.
-My favorite colors are purple and blue
-I love yogurt and cheese. I like dairy products. Can you tell?

-I love sports! Especially tennis and soccer.
-I go to a sports school, called Pogo Academy.
-My best friend is Quinn.
-My middle name is Grace.
-I love going outside and exploring.
-My favorite colors are lime green and yellow.
-My favorite foods are trail mix (yummm..) and watermelon.

Well, we hope you will like our blog. You probably will, if you like our other blog, Follow us, if you like! Thanks for looking at our blog!
Sorry for this crazy-long post. They won't usually be this long!


jennakat said...

You two are so cute! No offence but may I ask why your in a wheelchair?
Please don't get offended!
You are pretty!
Ohh I love trail mix too! You girls should meat My dolls: Sandy, Nicki and Chrissa!
I will follow you two!
Hugs Jenna

Anonymous said...

I think this will be a great blog!! Can't wait until your next post!!!

-From Bookworm at My Adorable Dolls

Mia Mara and Sammy said...

You girls are are really cute!! How old are you? Can't wait to learn more about you!
Love, Mia, Mara and Sammy

Anonymous said...

Your really cute dolls! i love watermelon too! - priscilla

Abbey and Chloe said...

Mia, Mara and Sammy-

I'm ten but I'll be eleven in August. I'm going to be older than Hayden. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi!! It's nice to put faces to your names. Hayden, I love your red necklace.

Wendy said...

Hi Hayden and Quinn! I'm Wendy... nice to meet you! I'm here with my friend Haley, and she says hello as well. =) You two are very pretty, and I like your outfits. Hope to get to know you well!

Avery V. said...

Hi Hayden and Quinn! I love your blog. You are both gorgeous. Quinn, your blue glasses are awesome :) Hayden, that red necklace is so pretty! I can't wait to read more about you.


14OldFashionDolls said...

Hey girls! You are so pretty! Nice to meet you! have fun blogging!

Mia Mara and Sammy said...

Quick question.. where did you get that background? I won't take it, I just think it's cute and watn to see what else is on that site!

Kelly Beth said...

Oh! Blogging is so fun!!! I just started in october but it's fun! Lissie and I love blogging she shares my first blog faith-spirit-friends.
Quinn, your beautiful. You remind me of my friend Drew and Lissie and I are sorry for you to be in a wheelchair.
Hayden, You sound like a great friend!

~Kelly & Lissie~