Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hey, It's Hayden. Quinn and I were going to explore outside yesterday and make a post about it, but then I hurt myself. Right when we started exploring, I took a fall on the pavement. I sort of did a pavement face-plant. Yeah, it seems funny now, but it wasn't funny then! I got a scratch on my nose and my lip. Abbey healed it a little bit, and it's getting better so I won't have to go to the Doll Hospital. Yay! Anyway, after I hurt myself, I snuggled up in comfy clothes and a blanket, and I sat with Quinn. She even brought me some hot chocolate. Yes, It's summer. But I think hot chocolate is for any season! Here is a picture of Quinn and I. It's dark because I hurt myself in the evening. I like the picture, though, because Quinn is leaning on me :)

*You can't really see my scratches because it is a dark picture. And Quinn says you can only see it if you are right up close to my face. So that's good.


The Sisters in Heart said...

Oush indeed! i'm way sorry that happened! You guys are WAY cute together!
ps. Get better soon!

Avery V. said...

Ouch! I hope you're okay! Get well soon, Hayden. I love hot chocolate, even in the summer :) You two look so sweet in that picture.


Wendy said...

Aww, I hope it didn't hurt too much! Feel better soon! I love hot chocolate too. You're lucky Quinn was with you... having you bff makes everything feel better. =)

jennakat said...

ooh, thats too bad! well at least your feeling better now!
get well soon!

S.S.N.G. said...

Your blog is cool. Ow! That must have hurt. WE drink hot chocolate to in the summer. Get well soon!

jennakat said...

You two are always so cute together!
I hope you don't have to ever go to the hospital!