Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow and Good News

Hello, bloggers and blog readers. It's Hayden. I have good news! Quinn talked with her mom for over two months about coming to Pogo Academy ,the sports school I attend. And her Mum finally let said yes! Quinn will start her classes after Christmas Holidays. So far, Quinn has picked Wheelchair Basketball and she wants to ref for the younger kids. She can always choose more activites before she comes, though. But like me, she also has to attend her regular classes, like Science and English. I really hope she does Wheelchair Tennis, so she can play tennis with me. She's also thinking about Wheelchair Skiing for the winter. It sounds like tons of fun, but really hard, too! And some more good news: there's snow everywhere! Quinn and I love snow, and today we went outside to go play in it. Click HERE to see our "Snow Day" video, and look below for my favorite picture of Quinn and I in the snow.
We'll Blog Soon!