Sunday, March 21, 2010

LJ Patterns Tee

Hey, bloggers! It's Hayden. I'm so sorry that Quinn and I haven't been updating this blog much. We'll try to update it more often. First, Quinn wants me to tell you that she's having a great time at Pogo Academy. Right now, she is just in Wheelchair Basketball, but she might join the tennis team, too. She has already competed in three basketball tournaments, and was the star player in two of them! Of course, I was there to cheer her on, every time. Maybe I will bring Abbey and Chloe's camera to one of her games soon. Also, I've been going to lots of tennis tournaments, and soccer is starting soon. Well, enough about that. Abbey and Chloe have been sewing clothes from the Liberty Jane Patterns books. The other day, they finished a T-Shirt, and they let me try it on first. I'm not so in to couture and designer clothes (I'd rather wear sweat pants with a hoodie), but this shirt is so comfy. I never thought couture would be comfy. I wore it with a Liberty Jane sweater, Liberty Jane jeans, and Liberty Jane fringe boots. I always thought couture would be uncomfortable, but I was so wrong. Abbey and Chloe are making some new pieces during Spring Break, and I can't wait to try them on. So tell me, are there any other dolls out there who like doll couture? And more specifically, are there any dolls out there who thought they wouldn' t like couture, but absolutely loved it? So, I guess this post is coming to an end. Congratulations to you, if you read through this whole ramble/post. Quinn will blog soon!
See You,