Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hayden Is Finally On Summer Vacation!

Hey everybody! It's Quinn. Hayden is finally on summer vacation. The sports academy that she goes to (Pogo Academy) ends school on June 11th (yesterday) and it starts again later than other schools. Yesterday I went to her award ceremony, and guess what? She got an award! The "Good Sport Award". Her Coach/Teacher, Coach Potter said that win or lose, Hayden is always nice about it. That's very true, Coach Potter!

Here is the album link of Hayden, me, and our friends at the award ceremony. Enjoy!


Katheryn said...

Great Job, Hayden! You TOTALLY deserved that award! Hope you have a great summer vacation. Me and my sisters, Margo and Grace, LOVE your dress. Our person, Anna, has one similar for us! HAGS!

Katheryn Marie